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Ms. Perla Simons Morales

Nursing Teacher and Congressional Representative
National Congress of Honduras

Perla Simons Morales is a Congresswoman for the Liberal Party (PL) and represents the Department of Francisco Morazán. She became a Congresswoman in 2010.  She is a nurse by profession and became active in politics as an advocate for nurses rights. From 2006-2008, Ms. Simons was the President of the Nurses Association of Honduras.  She represents a district in Tegucigalpa with gang presence and has a strong concern for youth issues.  Ms. Simons is President of the Ethics Committee and Secretary of the Human Rights Committee.  She is the only AfroHonduran serving in the Honduran Congress, and also serves as the Vice President of the Committee for Indigenous and AfroHonduran peoples.  She is a strong supporter of women’s issues, as a member of Women’s Committee.  She received her Master’s in Public Health from the National Autonomous University of Honduras in 1996.