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Ms. Maria Widiastuti

Congressional Aide
Office of the Honorable Rany Widayati Pimpinan New York, NY

Maria serves as a congressional aide in the Office of the Honorable Rany Widayati Pimpinan, a member of the Regional House of Representatives of Yogyakarta.
She is responsible for a variety of tasks including: answering e-mails and phone calls from constituents, preparing Congresswoman Pimpinan
s itinerary when she travels, and her schedule when she visits her district. Prior to her current role, Maria was a research assistant for a professor at the University of Oslo and a lecturer assistant at two universities in Yogyakarta.

Maria’s project is centered on women in politics. She wants to help train women to run effective electoral campaigns and promote the participation of young women as well as students in Indonesian politics. She plans to do this through a series of political trainings in cooperation with the women’s caucus of the Regional House of Representatives of Yogyakarta and through an international conference with speakers and participants from Southeast Asia.

Maria has both her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in English linguistics from Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta.