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Mr. Orle Anibal Solis Meraz

Lawyer and Congressional Representative
National Congress of Honduras

Orle Anibal Solis Meraz is a Congressman for the Christian Democratic Party (DC) and represents the Department of Olancho. In Congress, he serves as the President of the Human Rights Committee and a member of the Judicial Committee.  As the President of the Human Rights Committee, he has been active in prison reform issues, specifically improving prison conditions and addressing overcrowding issues. He has worked to institute community service programs instead of jail time for minor offences to relieve overcrowding of jails.  Mr. Solis began his first term as Congressman in 2002 and has served continuously since then.  He is active regarding security issues in the Department of Olancho, which he represents. Prior to working in Congress, Mr. Solis’s worked as a lawyer. He received his law degree from the National Autonomous University of Honduras in 2003.