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Hon. Surendra Pandey

Member of Parliament (Nepal Communist Party)
House of Representatives, Federal Parliament of Nepal

Honorable Surendra Pandey is a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Nepal Communist Party. He is a former Finance Minister of Nepal and served as a member of the Constituent Assembly from 2007-2011 and from 2014-2017. He was a member of the Task Force of CPN (UML) on Inclusive Democracy and Restructuring the State in 2005, the Task Force of CPN (UML) on Studying Violence by the State and Maoists in 2002, Deputy Leader of the party, Constituent Assembly member for CPN (UML) in 2008-2009, Member of the (then) Upper House from 1997-2003, Secretary of the Constitution Making Recommendation Task Force in 2006 and Whip of the main Opposition Party in the National Assembly in 1999-2003. He has visited more than two dozen countries during his political career. He is an active writer and has published several books. In addition to these publications, he has also published more than forty articles in various magazines and newspapers.