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NDI Study Mission: Nigeria

From March 16 to 24, 2013, NDI hosted a delegation of five members from Nigeria’s National Assembly, including one senator and four members of the House of Representatives. This group was chosen based on considerations of committee leadership and membership, seniority, regional and religious diversity, and gender parity. These reform-minded legislators were nominated from the three opposition parties in addition to the ruling party.

IRI Arab Women’s Leadership Institute: "Showcasing Good Governance Measures and Combating Corruption"

Program Description

From March 4-15, 2012, the Arab Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) in cooperation with the Institute for Representative Government (IRG), conducted a ten day study tour mission to the United States for five Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Middle East region representing the countries of Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.  The study tour focused on showcasing good governance measures in preventing and fighting corruption in the U.S. at the national, state and local level. The delegation observed how U.S.

NDI Study Mission: Kyrgyzstan

From January 27 to February 5, 2012, the National Democratic Institute (NDI or the Institute), in cooperation with the Institute for Representative Government (IRG), organized a study mission for a delegation of 10 members of parliament (MPs) from Kyrgyzstan’s Parliamentary Democracy Committee. The delegation traveled to Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland, where they met with members of the U.S. Congress, senior legislative staff, and other influential policymakers and civil society representatives. The exchange provided an opportunity for the MPs to examine the U.S.