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NDI/IRG: Roundtable for Visiting Delegation of Political Party Leaders from the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Members of the IRG Board of Directors hosted a delegation of senior party leaders from the Federal Republic of Nepal. The Nepalese politicians visited the US to expose senior party leaders to issues related to party organization, voter outreach, policy development, the importance of data and research, transparency and the inclusion of marginalized groups, women and youth in the political process.

News: IRG/NDI program alumna named Minister for Women, National Solidarity, and Family in Burkina Faso

On January 31, 2018, the Honorable Hélène Marie Laurence Ilboudo Marchal, who had recently participated in a parliamentary exchange program organized by the Institute for Representative Government in partnership with the National Democratic Institute and funded by the State Department’s Office of Citizen Exchanges, was appointed Minister for Women, National Solidarity, and Family in Burkina Faso to become one of the newest ministers to assume office in President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré’s cabinet.

IRI: Preventing Violent Extremism: Bosnia, Kenya, and Tunisia Study Mission

Conventional military responses that counter violent extremism insufficiently address the core political and social challenges that allow for the drivers of violent extremism to fester and spread. In addition to conventional responses, it is also essential to improve governance, promote inclusion, and support efforts to increase citizens’ access to opportunity in order to prevent violent extremism from ever taking root.

IRI: Study Mission for Delegation from Mexico's Congress

IRI conducted a seven day study mission for five members of Mexico's Congress focused on increasing the legislators' awareness of successful transparency and anti-corruption initiatives in the United States while building their capacity to design mechanisms for implementation of anti-corruption and transparency policies in Mexico. IRI, in consultation with its partners in Mexico, chose delegates who are interested in working across party lines upon their return to tackle the issues through best practices learned through the study mission.

IRI: Study Mission for Delegation from Nigeria’s National Legislative Assembly

IRI conducted a ten-day study mission of five members of Nigeria’s National Legislative Assembly focused on building the legislators’ capacity to generate
innovative and tailored policies focused on diversifying its economy and trade, while creating a more transparent revenue allocation system. IRI, in consultation with its partners on the ground in Nigeria, carefully chose delegates who are interested in working across party lines upon their return to tackle the issues through best practices learned through the study mission.

NDI: “Politics and Technology in the 21 st Century"

NDI brought 10 members of parliament (MPs) from the legislatures of Albania, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia and Ukraine to participate in a parliamentary exchange program that took place in Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CA.

NDI: “Combating​ ​Violent​ ​Extremism​ ​and​ ​Reducing​ ​State​ ​Fragility Through​ ​Democratic​ ​Engagement:” A​ ​Program​ ​for​ ​Visiting​ ​Members​ ​of​ ​Parliament​ ​from​ ​Burkina​ ​Faso,​ ​Mali,​ ​and​ ​Niger

From November 13 to 17, 2017, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in collaboration with the Institute for Representative Government (IRG) organized a legislative exchange program for six members of the National Assemblies of Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger in Washington, D.C. As part of this exchange program, members of parliament (MPs) from the Sahel region of Africa were invited to discuss with their U.S. counterparts how parliaments can play an active role in combating violent extremism and strengthening peace and security in the region and globally. 

This program sought to equip MPs

NDI: Civic Tech Leadership Program

Young innovators in MENA, US pitch ‘civic tech’ ideas to improve their communities. Their ideas include an online platform to combat misinformation during Middle East and North Africa election campaigns, an app to support Arabic-speaking victims of domestic violence in the United States, and a blockchain-based system to protect property ownership rights in Libya.

ACYPL and IRG: "Legislative Process + Governance" Fellows Roundtable with Former Members of Congress

IRG welcomed a delegation from the American Council of Young Political Leaders' "Legislative Process + Governance" fellowship program for a half-day seminar with former Members of Congress. Topics included the US political campaign process, the roles and responsibilities of federal elected officials, and the challenge of partisanship. For a full schedule, click the file link below.

IRG thanks the following former Members of Congress for sharing their time and expertise:

  • ­Mike Andrews (Democrat – Texas, House of Representatives 1983 – 1995)
  • William Clinger (Republican Pennyslvania, House of

NDI: Delivering on Democracy: Economic Development and Youth Engagement

The peaceful conduct of parliamentary and presidential elections in Tunisia in October 2014 has contributed to the widespread impression of the country as the lone success of the Arab Spring. While the efforts of Tunisia’s national dialogue quartet were recognized by the Nobel Committee for its efforts to develop a national roadmap to steer the country forward, citizen expectations of the new parliament for socio-economic development and democratic programs remain exceptionally high relative to existing economic, security and political challenges. Strong political leadership will be needed to ensure that democracy is delivering for all Tunisians, in particular the country’s youth, who suffer from a lack of economic opportunities and political engagement. During the exchange program, delegates had the opportunity to explore the pressing economic and security issues that matter most to Tunisian citizens through dialogue with members of the U.S. Congress, Congressional staff, state legislators, policy experts and civil society leaders in Washington, D.C., and Annapolis, Maryland. Members of the delegation were accompanied by NDI staff, and language interpreters provided by the State Department.